A CherryWood Superstar: 10 Years and Counting

All anniversaries are special, but when it is the 10 year anniversary of a CherryWood Village all-star, we have to stand, applaud with gusto, and delightfully share what all the fuss is about. What we love about Laura Lee….

CherryWood employees, Eyke and Laura Lee smiling for the camera

Executive Director, Eyke, posing with our superstar Laura Lee

Laura Lee knows just about everyone at CherryWood Village and the joy she brings to our community through the love, guidance, service excellence, and smiles, means just about everyone knows her too.inflatable climbing wall on sale

If we were to list out just a few of our favorite things, they would have to include: She learned Swahili to speak with one of our bilingual Villagers. Our younger team members specifically seek her out for great advice and counsel. Her dedication to being a strong member of the community goes beyond CherryWood and she looks out for her neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. And, our favorite, her devotion is shown in everything she touches and the quality of the work she does.

How lucky we are that Laura Lee chooses CherryWood Village.

And to Laura Lee – we cannot thank you enough for everything you do to make CherryWood a vibrant welcoming place for our residents, employees, and all their friends and family. Congratulations on 10 years!

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