Last month we began our “Blessings Challenge” in the Wellness Center. Residents and staff were asked to write out their blessings, which would then be posted anonymously. We received one last week that we just couldn’t help but share. A resident wrote:

“My blessing is that I am a resident here, who is very happy and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else if snowed in for a few days-week-or forever how long. Warmth, friendship, prepared food, and security are available at my command, and I appreciate it immensely.I did not come here to grow old, but rather to stay young. The excellent employees hired at CherryWood to serve and teach us how to eat and keep healthy should be thanked from the bottom of our hearts. You fill my heart. Thanks!”

We are so very blessed to have such incredible residents in our CherryWood family. It’s easy to think that as staff, we come to work and then go home and leave it all behind. But the truth of the matter is that this is just an extension of our home and families. And the residents whose laughter fills the dining room, and whose smiles light up the hallways, are our grandparents, parents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, and friends. You fill up our hearts, too. Thank you!

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