As a member of Generations, LLC, our mission is to enhance lives and celebrate the excitement of living. Here is the Generations legacy.


Many decades ago, Wendell White had a revolutionary idea for senior living. He envisioned a happy alternative to traditional nursing home life and independent living… He imagined beautiful communities where thriving, dynamic people could participate in a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, with the support they need to stay or become healthy and genuinely feel a sense of home.

Founding the Generations company with family partners, Wendell brought that vision into reality with five distinct communities spanning the western United States. Building on a tradition of service excellence and innovative design, we continue a storied family legacy that began with Wendell’s grandparents in 1943. Today we continue the same strong emphasis on family and an unrelenting drive to be the best at what we do—Wendell White remains the company’s chairman and visionary, and his children and grandchildren handle day-to-day operations.

At Generations, employees are an extension of the family, and cherishing our employees is one of our most deeply held values. Upholding the same drive for employee well-being as we do for our residents, we strive to be the employer of choice. We get to know individual employees and their families, connect work to its impact on our mission, and work to create comfortable and supportive environments. Our employees choose to be great, and this is the key to carrying on Wendell’s original vision.