Why Vitality?


Living with Vitality means inspiring and cultivating a devotion to growth deep within. It means defining and implementing your own health and wellness habits in a new way.

Fully supporting your own social, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational and spiritual needs is the perfect backdrop for having a happy and dynamic life. At CherryWood, our Vitality Director and team design programs that empower you to thrive and fully engage in balanced wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually. We also maintain a full calendar of social gatherings, entertainment and personal improvement programs for you to join in.


  • Scheduled transportation to medical appointments and shopping
  • 40 seat Movie Theatre with a variety of new release and favorite classics
  • Art studio with painting, drawing, design and mixed media classes
  • Vitality and Wellness Center with pool, gym, personal trainer and classes
  • 18 hole putting golf course
  • Cultural excursions and overnight outings with transportation
  • Year round calendar of social activities and events
  • Massage, acupuncture, foot care, hearing care and dental hygiene available on-site
  • Community garden plots
  • Fully equipped resident operated workshop
  • Library with cozy fireplace organized and operated by resident volunteers
  • Chapel with a robust musical program and on-staff chaplain

The Tools of Vitality

At CherryWood, we believe that being engaged mentally, socially and spiritually is key to thriving.

MindSharpen your mind

Brain Fitness Classes

Cultural Exploration

Book Club

Writing Group


BodyStrengthen YOUR BODY

Health & Wellness Education

Exercise Classes

Fitness & Balance Testing

Personal Trainer

Healthy Dining Choices


Worship Services

Support Groups


At any time while living here, residents are encouraged to take a senior fitness test designed to help assess their capabilities and areas of opportunity. Individualized plans are created for those interested. These plans empower residents and staff to focus on personal goals and chart improvements.

Mind: Keeping the brain active and engaged can be accomplished in so many ways. CherryWood offers a range of options that help residents increase and hone their mental acumen. Taking part in book groups, choirs, and writing clubs can contribute to neural pathway building and challenge intellectual goals.

Body: Our parent company, Generations, LLC, was among the first to offer a fitness center for senior community residents. This underscores our company-wide belief that physical health is an important part of long-term well-being.

Spirit: Spirituality means many things to many people, and while the personal definition may vary, for all of us it involves a sense of connection, meaning, and being in touch with our best selves. This is why we support residents’ spiritual needs, tied to organized religion or not. Our community includes a dedicated chapel and on-staff chaplain. Family involvement can be impactful on spiritual health, so we organize many multigenerational social events to bring extended families together.

/noun/ The capacity to live, grow and develop. Physical and intellectual vigor.

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